Slimmer in 1 hour … Slim Forever by Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot book, Softcover

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Slimmer in 1 hour book by Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot

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At last it’s time to enjoy losing weight with the CoolSlim Plan. Based on your normal diet and a healthy lifestyle, enjoy your delicious meals, focusing on the 6 tastes of food and fat energy reducing Kapha foods. Further using techniques such as the CoolSlim Wrap will help you be slimmer in 1 hour and slim forever!

This book will show you how to :

  • Change your body in one hour
  • Change your way about thinking about dieting
  • End binge eating and conquer cravings
  • Have a metabolic boost
  • Have great energy levels
  • Stop emotional eating

Evolution has shaped us to eat huge range of foods. Most of us eat only a tiny fraction of that huge range. The CoolSlim Plan is based on tried and tested principles, a sensible and practical approach to losing weight.” – Prof. Rob Campbell, Bolton University.

A sensible and practical approach which will help in achieving not only weight loss but also a healthy lifestyle long term.‘ – Professor Rob Campbell of Bolton University.

100% of people found it works.

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  • Maria Brown

    Maria Brown

    The diet plan given is amazing and I have started losing weight.
    2 years ago Reply
  • James Wilson

    James Wilson

    The CoolSlim plan helped me in slimming and maintaining the shape.
    2 years ago Reply
  • Emma Parsons

    Emma Parsons

    The book is easy to understand and gives a clear view to slimming.
    2 years ago Reply